Big Cash Game

The Big Cash Game fruitmachine is an Casino Arcade game with a base and top game. So play Big Cash Game with 3 reels and 3 rows. The TOP GAME has 5 paylines and a BIG CASH WHEEL FEATURE. This slotmachine has also an incredible Growing Mystery Jackpot!

– BASE GAME: 1 payline / 1 coin bet
– TOP GAME: 5 paylines / bets of 5-10-20 coins

So click the Start button to spin the reels in the base game or the top game. After winning the base game, click on the button TO THE CLUBMETER to transfer your winnings to the CLUBMETER.
If you land on a winning combination in the BASE GAME, the gamble feature is automatically activated. You can choose to bet the winnings – click the GAMBLE button to double your winnings (x2).
The winning round multiplies your bet by (x2). You can gamble a maximum of 5 times or pay 2500 coins. The lost round will end the GAMBLE FEATURE and you will lose your total winnings.
You can also choose not to gamble. Click / tap COLLECT PROFITS to collect your winnings or click / tap TO CLUB METER to transfer your winnings to the club meter.
3 BAR symbols scattered across the reels activate the BIG CASH WHEEL FUNCTION.
During the BIG CASH WHEEL FUNCTION, the BIG CASH WHEEL will start spinning and stop on any symbol. Then the reels spin to a random winning combination with the selected symbol.
The BIG CASH FEATURE is only available in the TOPGAME.
During the TOP GAME, the BAR symbol does not pay out like a normal symbol.
The TOP GAME has the following three modes:
• 5 paylines / bet 5 coins /: 3 x BAR in sight = 1 wheelspin
• 5 paylines / bet 10 coins /: 3 x BAR in sight = 2 wheel spins
• 5 paylines / bet 20 coins /: 3 x BAR in sight = 3 wheel spins